Step 1:

Measure the lashes against your eye gently,  to fit your exact eye shape trim lashes one at a time from the outside edge if you wish. 


Step 2: 

Apply a thin application of adhesive to the lash band, wait at least 30 seconds until the adhesive becomes tacky


Step 3: 

Apply the lashes carefully just above the natural lash line, application is aided by looking downwards into a mirror 

Press gently across the lash line paying more attention to the ends, hold it for a few seconds

How to apply false lashes


How to apply false lashes

How to take care of mink lashes

It is crucial to take care of your lashes in order to ensure you get the most wear.

  1. An effective strategy of prolonging the wear of your luxury mink lashes is by ensuring you do  not apply products on to the mink lashes when using them. Using products like mascara will reduce the amount of uses. If you wish to use mascara use a subtle amount, using excessive amounts will damage the lashes. Applying mascara on your natural lashes before application of the false mink lashes will be more effective.

  2. Ensure you are gentle with the lashes, when removing them from the packaging be slow and careful. Pushing down on the lash band is the most efficient way to remove them from their packaging.

  3. The process of removing the lashes from your eyes is a also a vital. A tip on making this process effective is to dissolve the glue from the lash band using a makeup remover, once the lash band is loose remove the lashes gently.

  4. Brushing out the lashes using a brush will also help.

  5. Cleaning the lash band is important using a tweezer to remove the glue from the band carefully will preserve the lash band. Once that process is complete placing them back in their original packaging will keep the shape of the lashes.

How to take care of Synthetic lashes

These are some simple steps that will enable you to get more use from your lashes

1. Remove your lashes with care


2. Remove glue


3. Clean your lashes using make up remover


4. Store them in their original packaging